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Features: ultra-thick, Stacked structure, more stable and high C-rate. 

Capacity: 480mAh

Maximum discharge current: 1C, pulse:5C

Used for trackers, unkown quantity.

Customer demands:

Large capacity, stable performance


The capacity adopts pure cobalt to ensure the maximum capacity under this size.

Stable performance,

Because the battery thickness is extremely thick, 6.5 mm, the previous supplier adopted the winding structure, the pole chip is easy to lose powder, causing a small short circuit, resulting in power loss, K value is not good.

Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries

Therefore, the GMB engineers adopt the laminated structure to solve the problem of powder loss caused by the bending of the battery after it is wound up.
   (The above GMB laminator can make batteries of any shape.)

The finined battery packs meet customer' requirment:

Markyn Batteries





Test Method





Visual inspection


visual inspection


Not allowing any visual defects which will affect the electronic characteristics, such as leakage and damage.


Battery Dimension

Digital Calipers

Length:65.8mm Max

Width:15.0mm Max

Thickness:6.5mm Max


Initial Impedance

Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHz after 50-60% charge



Rated Capacity


The capacity means the discharge capacity of the cell, which is measured with discharge current of 0.2C with 3.0V cut-off voltage after the standard charge.



Cycle Life


Test condition:

Charge:0.2C to 4.2V 

Discharge:0.2C to 3.0V 

When the discharge capacity reduced to 70% of rated

capacity, Stop testing

The cycle times is not less than 300



High Temperature


A charged battery is placed in an oven for 2 hours at 80oC±2oC, then discharged at a 0.2C current to the termination voltage.

Discharge 90 percent of the

original capacity.



Low Temperature


A charged battery is placed in a thermal chamber for 4 hours at -10oC±2oC; then discharged at 0.2C to the termination voltage.

Discharge 60 percent of the

original capacity.





Electricity maintenance

After the standard charging, storied the cells under the condition as 20±5 oC for 30days, then measured the capacity with 0.2C till 3.0V



Remaining capacity≥ 85%


Typical Cases
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