Non-magnetic polymer battery

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Battery features: weak or non magnet, high capacity,TUV safety certificate

Capacity of 2Ah;7.4 V

For medical equipment worth millions each

Project requirement

1. Application: magnetic resonance detector

2. Key requirements: special equipment for medical testing, high price, special requirements for non-magnetic, safety, high capacity

The solution

1. Non-magnetic copper and aluminum are used to stop the pole ear;
                                                    Markyn Batteries
2. Lithium cobalt oxide high temperature degaussing;

                                                    Markyn Batteries

3. Use non-magnetic winding machine and slitting machine to make the cell; 
                                                   Markyn Batteries

through the third party of TUV, the safety test of the battery cells and various parts of the battery pack is conducted.

The tests include thermal shock, short circuit, overcharge, drop, etc.
                      Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries Test on the batteries;

Markyn Batteries Test on the PCB

Markyn Batteries Test on finished lipo(not magnetic) batteries.

Markyn Batteries  PCB safety test. 

Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries

Markyn Batteries

Typical Cases
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