GMB5854121 3.9Ah 7.4V

  • Item:: battery packs for POS machines
  • Brief:: 7.4V 3900mAh

Publish time:2014-05-22 14:26:41

Data sheet  of the GMB5854121 3900 (7.4V with PCM)A0

So far, there are more than 670 manufactures to produce battery packs in China, with different characteristics, different quality. But how to select the correct battery packs with high quality and good price by customers? This is a question.

While GMB spent more than 20 years, the continuous test and study by our engineers team, absorb the assembling technical from various aspects, so as to provide our customers the high-end battery packs in competitive price.


1. Features:

2. Provide the power solution base on customer’s requirements.

3. Provide the cost-effective battery packs through resources integration.

4. Efficiency, win-win, appreciation


Current project:

1. Battery packs for Multi-communication assisted portable terminal 7.4V 3900mAh 

2. Battery packs for all Terrain Vehicle

3. Battery packs for EV

4. Battery packs for scooter

5. Battery packs for electric fish machine.

6. Battery packs for power supply.

7. Battery packs for UPS.



Typical Cases
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